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Focus on Fauci – Sacha Stone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD – Dr. David Martin, Canadian attorney Rocco Galati – RG

Dr. David Martin – DM, Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, - JM, Sasha Stone – SS, Robert Kennedy Jr. – RK, Canadian attorney Rocco Galati – RG

1:42:35 minutes into video.

DM - Rocco, let’s make sure we are clear on something. Let’s stipulate that this is not a vaccine. I mean, we need to be really clear. We are using the term vaccine to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine.

This is a mRNA packaged in a fat envelope that is delivered to a cell. It is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines actually are a legally defined term and they are a legally defined term under public health law. They are a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards.[1] And a vaccine specifically has to stimulate both the immunity within the person receiving it but it also has to disrupt transmission.

And that is not what this is. They [Moderna and Pfizer] have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand that is going into the cell is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment. But if it was discussed as a treatment, it would not get the sympathetic ear of public health authorities because then people would say, “What other treatments are there?”

The use of the term vaccine is unconscionable for both the legal definition term of it but also because, it actually is the sucker punch to open and free discourse because by saying vaccine, you dump it into a thing where you can be anti or pro the therapy but if you actually talked about it as a therapy. Remember, and people forget this, Moderna was started as a chemotherapy company for cancer; not a vaccine manufacturer for SARS. This, you know, If we said we are going to give people prophylactic chemotherapy for the cancer they don’t have, you’d be laughed out of the room because it’s a stupid idea. That’s exactly what this is. This is a mechanical device in the form of a very small packet of technology that is being inserted into the human system to activate the cell to become a pathogen manufacturing site.

And I refuse to stipulate in any conversations that this is in fact a vaccine issue. The only reason why the term is being used is to abuse the 1905

Jacobson case that has been misrepresented since it was written. And if we were honest with this, we would actually call it what it is. It is a chemical pathogen device that is actually meant to unleash a chemical pathogen production action within a cell. It is a medical device, not a drug because it meets the CDRH definition of a device. It is not a living system, it is not a biologic system, it is a physical technology – it happens to just come in the size of a molecular package.

So, we need to be really clear on making sure we don’t fall for their game. Because their game is if we talk about it as a vaccine, then we are going to get into a vaccine conversation but this is not, by their own admission, a vaccine. As a result it must be clear to everyone listening that we will not fall for this failed definition, just like we will not fall for their industrial chemical definition of health because both of them are functionally flawed and are an explicit violation of the legal construct that is being exploited.

RG – So Judy as a scientist, could you boil that down into English for a boy who grew up blue collar…….[what is said at this point is not important to the main point.]

DM – Oh No. I get frustrated when I hear activists and lawyers and everybody else saying, “we are going to fight the vaccine”. If you stipulate it’s a vaccine, you’ve already lost the battle. It’s not a vaccine.

RG – What should I referring to it as? A chemical agent?

Dr. Judy A Mikovits, PhD - Correct. It is a synthetic pathogen, they’ve literally injected this synthetic, the very pathogenic part of the virus into every cell of the body.

RG. When you say pathogen, that says to me, it is going to get me, make me sick.

Dr. Judy A Mikovits, - Correct. So they take…..

DM - It is made to make you sick, Rocco. Rocco, remember 80% of the people allegedly exposed to allegedly SARSCOV2, so let’s not get into that rabbit hole, but 80% of the people who are exposed to allegedly the virus, have no symptoms at all. They are called asymptomatic carriers. Eighty percent of people who get this injected into them have a clinical adverse event. You are getting injected with a chemical substance to induce illness, not to induce an immuno-transmissive response. In other words, nothing about this is going to stop you from transmitting anything. This is about getting you sick and having your own cells be the thing that get you sick.

RG – So it is going to trigger an autoimmune response?

Dr. Judy A Mikovits, PhD - It can and..

DM – Among many things.

Dr. Judy A Mikovits, PhD - Among many things. It can actually directly cause…um multiple sclerosis, Lou Gerick’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease because that is what the expression of that pathogenic envelope. It can cause accelerated cancer. That’s what the expression of that piece of virus, that [about 1:48:34 (sinsidgen?) alone has been known to do for decades. You injected the disease, literally.

– Dr. David Martin, Jan 5th 2021,

[1] The word “vaccine” originates from the Latin Variolae vaccinae (cowpox), which Edward Jenner demonstrated in 1798 could prevent smallpox in humans. Today the term ‘vaccine’ applies to all biological preparations, produced from living organisms, that enhance immunity against disease and either prevent (prophylactic vaccines) or, in some cases, treat disease (therapeutic vaccines).

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