Current events:

Washington DC is a foriegn country within the united states of america.

see also: Law of War Manual

God is Goverment: "Our mission is to create educational solutions including books and seminars providing the truth about government and world history. Our society today is being lead by elites that are focused on, not God's Authoritative Structures, His Constitution and Statues, but on the worldly views associated with a pagan god. Since the beginning of time, the people of this world have been blinded by the lies, corruption and propaganda education from our governments as dictated by the elites. While we are awakening to this now, we are fighting not only for our physical well beings of ourselves and our family but for our sovereignty that God gave us since creation. We are in a spiritual war." James (Jim) Pugh

see also: Is here to inform patroits on how to restore the Republic.


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